5 Ways to Make Painting Quick and Easy

Right after my experience with a painting contractor in Saint Peters, i decided to make some research on how to make painting projects stress free and easy for beginners; and that inspired this post. Painting is one of the least expensive and quickest ways to drastically alter your decor and improve the look of your room. With paint, you can change the look of a single room in just a few hours. Read on to discover a few simple ways to complete your painting project in just a little time.

Plan Ahead

Before you go shopping, know exactly what you need, including tools and supplies. Make sure you include the basics like rollers, paint brushes, extra roller covers, roller pans, drop cloths, spackle and the paint.

Use the Right Tools

Quality brushes are worth their weight in gold. Of course, they’ll cost you extra because they last longer than the cheaper ones, don’t shed brush hairs, and are not likely to leave unsightly brush marks that will be hard to cover.

Use Quality Paint and Primer

Just like painting tools, not all paint is created equal. A cheap paint is cheap for a reason, it takes several coats to get good coverage. On the other hand, quality paints, will cover your walls much better. This means you’ll waste less time slapping on additional coats of paint.

If you are trying to cover bright or dark color walls, a good color-blocking primer is the best. For a great result, use a primer that has been tinted to match your new paint color. And if you are taking a wall from color to white, it is better to use a dark primer to conceal the old color.

Choose a Similar Color

Instead of trying to paint your wall with a completely different color of finish, choose a different hue or shade of the current wall color. This will save you time and effort because it’ll be easier to cover.

Don’t Clean Up During Breaks

Instead of spending a great deal of time washing brushes and rollers between breaks, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap. Make sure that your brushes and rollers are wrapped airtight. If you do this properly, they won’t dry out and they will be ready for use when break time is over.


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