Best Time for Painting House Interior

If you are planning to do an interior painting in your house, you can consider carrying out the project during winter as it is the best time for the interior paint job. Trust me, that there are many benefits for painting at this period of the year. I actually learned of it when i was looking forward to my kitchen cabinets, so if plan to paint your kitchen cabinets, this advise is also for you.

Therefore, it is a good idea for you to consider the pros and cons of doing interior painting in autumn and winter to determine which time is the best for you.

Although season does not limit professional painters because they can paint at any time of the year, most of them usually do not like to paint indoors on hot or humid days when drying of the paint can be a problem mostly in houses where there is no air conditioning system. And because the winter is traditionally a slow time for them.paint your kitchen cabinets

They tend to be engaged during the spring and fall, so if their services are needed, you’ll need to wait a bit. In the summer, many professional painters do hire people to help them; this means that their availability would be better then, regardless of the stickiness.

Very good painters are rarely available in the summer and can choose or pick jobs. These are those with the right to charge more for your work.  But you will get what you paid for.

DIY (Do it yourself) season: for DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiasts in the Middle Atlantic, the best month for painting your interior of your house is April and May, and it has been proven to be true by experts. When the day is longer, there will be an increase in natural light, so that the exactness of the coverage of the walls and the ceiling will be at its peak. In the summer, the light can be blinding. In winter, the light is not enough.

You may need more time to paint in the winter, artificial lights – even the best halogen models – can throw shadows that give the false impression about the covered areas of the wall or ceiling.

Ventilation is crucial: Even with the best performing non-volatile organic compounds paints today, opening the doors and windows to keep the air circulating and to allow the paint to dry properly is the key to the good and perfect job.


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