How to Clean a Paint Tray and Roller

If your tools are properly clean and handle, painting company project can be made simpler. Most first-time painters have to purchase new rollers or trays because they do not know how to manage and clean the equipment properly. The following information bellow will help you make better use of your painting tools. Immediately you finish painting, it’s best to return any unused paint to the original container unless it has become contaminated. Feed the paint back into the tub by using a brush then replace the lid.

Cleaning the Paint Tray

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tips from DIYFIXIT on how to clean your painting tools

Run cold water over the paint tray and rinse away the worst of the paint. While the cold water is still running over the paint tray, use a scrubbing brush to remove the rest of the paint. The residues will be easily removed using the circular motion method i.e. rotating the tray along a circular path. Give the paint tray a final rinse once all the paint has been removed and dry it with an old cloth. Then store it away for later use.

Cleaning the Roller

Removing the Paint from the Roller Sleeve

Work the roller on a scrap board to remove most of the paint. While the water is running, grip one end of the roller firmly and slide the other hand down the sleeve tightly. This technique will get rid of a large amount of the paint.

Cleaning the Roller’s Frame

Run the roller under cold water for some minute, and repeat the squeezing step above. Then, partly fill the sink with cold water and work the roller back and forth in the water. Repeat this step a couple of times. Then remove the roller sleeve from the paint roller frame and clean the frame thoroughly. Use of scrub brush if required.

Clean the Sleeve’s Pile Thoroughly

Work the pile of the roller’s sleeve with your hands under the running water. Repeat this step until the water runs clean and clear. Then, place the roller sleeve back on the roller’s frame and Spin the roller to remove the water. The spinning should be done outside where the spraying water will not matter.

Store the Roller

When you want to store the roller, the paint roller should be hung in a way that the sleeve will not touch anything. Allow the paint roller to air dry. It is best to have more than one roller so that it can use interchangeably.


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