Painting Techniques to Make Walls Stand Out

Do you need to paint your cabinets, and realized that the wall where it lies doesn’t really stand out and that exceptional? I thought about making a post about it and here below are some of my finding.

Use sponge painting to add texture and create a unique look to any wall

With the use of some faux painting techniques such as color washing, sponging and crackle in your home, you can make your room come to life.

Painting can give any room a new look and it can even make it look smaller or larger depending on paint color. Painting techniques like color washing, sponge painting and more, can help in creating something uniquely original.

Most people usually choose a color they love, painting with excitement at the changes they are about to experience, however painting walls a solid color can get boring with time.

Have you given a thought about textures and wall painting techniques? There are various textures and designs you could use which can change the atmosphere of typical plain walls.

You can choose from color washing, crackle and sponging, among many other textures.


There are many options for interior painting. You can choose one of these interior painting trends to add a unique style to your home.


Color washing

This is a design that can turn any wall into a classic, old world look, making it look aged and antique. It is fairly simple because it uses a flat color underneath and a glaze over. This look is fantastic and is so much flamboyant. The glaze, however, can be a bit tricky, because it is thick and ir will need thinning to your desired consistency and cover, therefore experimenting first on a board or test wall is suggested.



This is a bit more time consuming and labor intensive when compared to color washing but the results are wonderfully cool. Crackle walls may look like aged metal with splitting and blistering that will appear old and unique to each wall. It is not a job for the faint hearted, but the outcome will dramatically change the look of a room. It involves several coats of at least 3-4 different types of paint, polyurethane and glaze, and a lot of waiting in between for each layer to dry. This effort will be worth it when you have walls that are uniquely yours.


Sponge painting

This is similar to another technique known as rag rolling. It is a unique look as well, but more contemporary than the crackle or color washing. It is  less labor intensive than crackle, but is similar to color washing in that one base coat is used, allowed to dry and then a colored glaze is applied using a sponge roller. This opportunity for dramatic color variation can give your walls a simple cool look, or as drastically unique as you like.


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