For some reasons, most people don’t really seem to know how to use a paint tray properly. When using a paint roller, they will just pour the paint into the tray, roll the roller around a bit, and then start painting. To use a paint tray properly, you need a bit more than just that. This guidelines should help you in making sure that you are using these pieces of equipment the right way and not wasting your time and money in the process. This process was learned from my close monitoring of a reliable painting contractor i hired few times ago.

Get the right equipment

Although it would be nice to say that it doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use in painting your room, the truth of it is that you need to have the right tools and equipments when painting a room. This means that you should avoid the cheap and lower quality equipment as much as possible. It may seem costly to buy the better quality painting rollers and trays, the investment is definitely worth it. As a matter of fact, if you can afford it, buy and use professional equipment of  high quality.

Mix the paint

Make sure that the paint is completely and thoroughly mixed before using it. It would be great to have the paint mixed for you at the store using one of those paint mixer machines, but then, you will have to use the paint relatively quickly.  After mixing, pour roughly 1/3 of the can into the deep end of the tray.reliable painting contractor

Cover the entire roller

Make sure that you cover the entire roller when you do put the roller into the tray. As you are coating the roller make sure that you don’t spill any paint outside of the tray accidentally.

“Dry” the roller

Once the roller is coated, you need to “dry” off the roller a bit.  The long shallow part of the tray and the bucket screen in some models are meant for this. Roll the roller over the long shallow part of the tray or screen  a few times so that the roller is not dripping with paint. After this, you can now start painting.

Begin painting

Start with the walls as you normally would, starting about one foot from the bottom corner of the wall. In a “W” pattern, work your way up and across. Refill the paint roller using the third and fourth step as needed, plus refilling the paint tray, until the job is finished.

Clean when finished

When you are done, you need to clean the tools that you used. It will help ensure that you can reuse the equipment that you have again or resell it.


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